Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Recently published work. Descriptions + some spoilers (English).

The Carmina Nocturna* series:

I. VAMPYR (Vampyr)
II. VAJDA - Immortal Prince (Vajda, príncipe inmortal)
III. WITCH’S FOOT (Pie de Bruja)


THE MERMAID'S AWAKENING (El despertar de la sirena)


Historical figure countess Elizabeth Bathory embodies one of the main fictional characters of this story that begins in a monastery turned to boarding school in the Alps, and takes us back to the countess’ old castle in Csejthe.
Susanna, an exquisite redheaded beauty of certain odd habits, arrives in Sainte-Marie, a remote boarding school for wealthy girls located in the Swiss mountains, to join narrator Martina, the school’s black sheep, and the rest of the pupils, one stormy Halloween morning. Soon after, the sun seems to never rise again, and the girls find that the course of their lives has been permanently altered. An anonymous hero keeps rescuing Martina from the perils that he himself couldn’t avoid: she falls in love with him through the scarce notes and letters that he leaves behind whenever they cross paths. He won’t show her his face, but he certainly knows hers very well.

Vampyr resurrects the attributes of Gothic mystery novels in a classical style that accentuates its dark sense of humor. Its vertiginous pace will make your heart beat as you become immersed in the somber, alluring atmosphere that distinguishes the most enthralling vampire stories in literature. Highly cinematographic, it will take you on a thrilling journey through nineteenth-century Europe as its main characters strive to unveil the secrets of the merciless enemies who have made them thirst for revenge. Vampyr is rich in danger, adventure and intrigue that you'll enjoy unraveling as you live its captivating love story.

Vampyr: Never say I shall not drink this blood.

II. VAJDAImmortal Prince:

Historical figure Aleister Crowley is featured as fictional character in this story in which necromancy and vampirism interweave.
Emily, a beautiful, young and spoiled socialite born in the agitated France of the nineteenth century, finds herself the victim of a sinister illuminati cult whose incredibly handsome and cunning leader seems to have fallen in love with her. She leaves the comfort of her mansion in Lyon only to become absorbed by the dark ambiance of Turin, the city of the devil, as she tries to free the soul of a legendary Hungarian king whom she believes to have met in a previous life. How far will she get? Why did fate choose her to carry out this mission? A love deeper than death could show her that she's braver than she thinks.

Vampyr's main characters reappear in this novel, surprising us with another passionate plot that is filled with adventure, intrigue, suspense and love to remind us: Never say I shall not drink this blood.


 Historical figure Vlad Dracula "The Impaler" is featured as a fictional character in this story that combines legends of strigoii, werewolves and gypsy magic. From the woods of Serbia to the mountains of Transylvania, some of the most popular folklore figures and lesser-known myths of the Balkans are exalted.
When 18-year-old Ava, the unkempt and rebellious orphan of a renowned Austrian scientist, decides to move to her beloved nanny’s farm in Eastern Europe, she discovers that she is a natural witch. In spite of her nanny´s many warnings, it is now up to her to indulge her curiosity and use her powers to find out what became of missing local legend Witch’s Foot, allegedly the gorgeous son of the devil, whom the righteous inhabitants of the nearest village attempted to burn alive one fateful evening right before he disappeared.

Magic, superstition and intrigue intertwine in this story in which evil hides behind the veil of light, and true love is born in the dark. You won’t be able to escape Witch’s Foot’s spell.
Some girls are essentially good. Some girls are essentially bad. And other girls… well, others are essentially witchy. You can’t change who you are.

And, my latest, not part of the aforementioned series but its own macabre tale of the seas:


When Cassandra goes to visit her grandmother in Finland by ship, the gaze of an ancient creature follows her with great attention from the water. A mermaid has chosen a human boy as her husband-to-be, and only Cassandra can stop the wedding from taking place. A retelling of the Baltic legend of Jūratė, this story of adolescent infatuation, passion and deceit is both a cautionary tale and a love fable with a surprising ending.    

All books are currently published by Penguin Random House - Montena, and available only in Spanish. 

*Evening songs, in Latin.